2020 Mazda RX-9

Either dreams do come to life or Mazda has actually been controling all of us along. 4 months after the car manufacturer’s international director and senior handling executive officer Yuji Nakemine splashed reports of an RX cars, a new report from Japan’s Vacation Automobile publication suggests that the long-awaited cars follower to the RX-7 and RX-8 is in fact going to be constructed.

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According to the publication, the model will be called the RX-9 and it will be released on January 2020 as one of the highlights of the Japanese car manufacturer’s upcoming 100th anniversary. The complete information surrounding the new cars have yet to be exposed, however some intriguing nuggets of details have actually been pointed out, none more vital that Mazda’s strategy to utilize a new 1.6-liter twin-rotary engine that might or might not feature turbocharging and compression ignition. It is thought that the powertrain will have the ability to produce around 400 horse power. A previous report showed that the powertrain will in fact can be found in a hybrid setup to permit electrical turbocharging. That stated, the new report from Holiday Auto made no reference of that particular setup.

The publication did state that Mazda is taking a look at a weight of no greater than 1,300 kilos (2,204 pounds) for the RX-9. The goal, it appears, is to keep the weight as low as possible to enhance the car’s aerodynamics and optimize the capacity of the new rotary engine. Such a setup would make the RX-9 a powerful efficiency coupe that can measure up to the expectations of being among the highlights of the company’s centenary events.

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I count myself in the group of those who have actually been waiting a while for Mazda to delve into the mid-tier cars scene so you can think of how all these “will-they-or-won’t-they” reports about the RX-8 follower has actually been for me. While I enjoy that the current indicator is that the cars, allegedly called the RX-9, got the thumbs-up from Mazda’s board of directors, I’m not prepared to rejoice right now.

I’ve discovered not to put excessive stock on these reports till the car manufacturer in concern formally validates it. Keep in mind, reports of an RX-8 follower have actually been going on for a while now. There was even a report dating all the method back to October 2014 stating the very same aspect of the RX-9 showing up in 2020 to accompany Mazda’s 100th anniversary. So yes, I’m on board the entire concept of an RX follower to get here, ideally earlier than later on. However up until that day comes that Mazda makes it main, I’m not going to dive head-first into that swimming pool.

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That’s not to state that others should not be thrilled due to the fact that on the surface area, this is amazing news. The cars has actually been discussed for so long that it’s turned into one of those cars that Mazda needs to attend to eventually in the future. Having its 100th anniversary in 4 years offers the company the best chance to commemorate that turning point in a huge method. What much better method to do it than releasing a cars that’s actually years in the making.

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