2020 Volkswagen Van

Aside from the Type 1 Beetle, the Type 2 Bus is Volkswagen’s undeniable most commonly acknowledged vehicle. Some might say it’s one of the most recognizable vehicles of perpetuity. Much credit can be provided to the Type 2’s social influences during the 1960s and 1970s in American pop culture thanks to the hippie movement. But sadly, Volkswagen has left the Bus and its timeless styling to the pages of history.

2020 Volkswagen Van  Interior HD Picture

Remarkably enough, the last Type 2 Bus, otherwise known as the T2 Kombi, rolled off the assembly line on December 31, 2013 in Sao Paulo. The Brazil-only model died at the hands of safety legislation mandating ABS and double front air bags– changes Volkswagen hesitated to make on a 63-year-old model. Other versions of the Bus existed, naturally, changing names with each generation. The Type 2 Bus, or Microbus, Transporter, Kombi, or camper, depending upon whom you ask, transformed into the Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5 in other parts of the world.

Beginning in 2015, Volkswagen has actually been developing the Type 6, known as the Transporter, in Germany. However, this van is modern in every sense of the word, with no cues meaning its storied past. Rather, it’s just a forgettable van developed to haul passengers or cargo that mixes into the rolling European countryside.

American automakers, on the other hand, are hectic building modern cars with retro cues, recalling splendor days of moments forever past. That pleads the question: exactly what if Volkswagen did the exact same? What if Volkswagen constructed an unique variation of its Transporter that returned 1969 when shirts were tie-dyed, hair was long, love was free, war was bad, and Woodstock was the location to be?

2020 Volkswagen Van Exterior

Undoubtedly, our rendering is based on Volkswagen’s ID Buzz Concept from the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. What the idea did not have in functionality for production, we’ve included. That consists of usable headlights, a more reasonable front bumper, real wheels and tires, more reasonable windows, 4 genuine doors, and a general sense of much better feasibility for production.

The Bus features a slick two-tone paint plan that mimics the original Type 2. The grille-less front provides a strong background for the chrome VW logo and blue-hued LED headlights. Fog lights down low assistance supplement the headlights in unfavorable climate condition, too. The Bus bypasses the contemporary front-engine, front-drive design of the T6 for the classic rear-engine, rear-drive layout. Though this does lessen the general length of the front end, it does produce a maneuverable city-dweller. Volkswagen would definitely have its work cut out to pass crash tests, but absolutely nothing is difficult. Out back, the rear features a strong D-pillar, similar to the original Type 2. This likewise provides space for the powertrain kept under the travel luggage compartment behind the rear seats.

2020 Volkswagen Van  Rear   Images

2020 Volkswagen Van Interior

While we didn’t go so far as to render the interior, we’re imagining something far more useful that the ID Concept’s spartan and futuristic cockpit. A traditional wheel would be nice, at least. Other aspects of the ID Buzz’s interior could make production, such as the extended dashboard with accent coloring and the small shelf down below.

Also possible is the tall center console, though it would likely link to the dash in a production model. Similar to the ID Buzz, a part of it could slide rearward to serve the second-row passengers. Collapsible tables aren’t out of the concern; just look at vans of the past.

Another feature we ‘d love to see make the transition are the turning front bucket seats. This allows the front residents to face forward or turned rearward for engaging with rear guests. Well, conserve for the chauffeur when underway.

2020 Volkswagen Van Engine

The ID Buzz Concept was a totally electrical vehicle with a large, 111-kWh battery pack powering 2 motors installed at each end of the van. This setup was estimated to produce a decent 369 horse power and offer a driving range of 270 miles on one charge. Modern EV purchasers should discover that appropriate, but for prevalent appeal, Volkswagen would be wise to include a range-extending generator.

Like the BMW i3 and i8, the onboard range extender is a small gas engine different from the driveline that comes online to recharge the battery pack. It would provide the Bus a much higher range, well beyond the 270 miles of all-electric driving. And with a plentiful source of gas available, journey are completely feasible. A little three-cylinder engine installed under the rear freight location would supply all the power had to recharge the batteries.

2020 Volkswagen Van  Interior HD Wallpaper

2020 Volkswagen Van Prices

It’s tough to say what Volkswagen would charge for such a vehicle. The Bus could not be marketed as a high-end or efficiency vehicle, so a budget-friendly price would be essential. Its value does increase thanks to its electrical drivetrain and range-extender, however. If Volkswagen started pricing at $35,000 for a version without the range-extender, the Bus might do rather well, specifically offered its historic heritage. Range-extending models would command a premium, possibly going for $40,000 as a starting rate.

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